Gladiatora longsword

April 10, 2018

The Squire's Progress

The Squire’s Progress is our first form, covering basic footwork, sword blows, feints, positioning and mechanics. This is a fight, with an aggressor and a defender, and should be practiced with a partner whenever possible.

Once the basic moves are learned, the student should focus on forceful, isometrically-controlled blows, while emphasizing proper body mechanics.

As partners become more fluent with the progress, blows may be thrown at any point in order to keep the aggressor engaged and not just a robotic killing machine.

1 Salute Salute
2 En garde 1 En garde 1
3 Flat-snap (#1) Block
4 Step into the offside (#4) Retreat, block
5 Block the shot, step into moulinet Flat-snap, retreat, garage door
6 Retreat (teardrop return), retreat (into en garde 1) Advance, advance
7 Feint, advance flat-snap (#1) Retreat, block
8 Two steps to the wrap (#30) Wrap-block
9 Retreat, retreat (sword stays) Advance, advance
10 Reset (big Tai Chi move to en garde 2) Hold (optional offside)
11 Step in to #6 (goofy-footed) Retreat, block
12 Quintain (block-blow-block) Quintain (blow-block-blow)
13 Step in (sword goes up) Retreat
14 Step in (sword crosses over head) Retreat
15 Step out (horse-stance, sell the leg shot) Block leg shot (leaving opening)
16 Slot shot Allow aggressor to land blow
17 Onslaught begins (teardrop return to flat-snap) Block
18 Offside (#4) Sword-block
19 Wrap (stepping in to en garde stance) Wrap-block
20 Belly slash Sweeping sword-block
21 Flat-snap (#1) Block
22 Offside (#4) Sword-block
23 Big conversion Block flat-snap (allowing blow to land)
24 Full retreat, retreat, retreat Advance, advance, advance
25 Reset (en garde 2) Should be out of range
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