Fight Like a Knight classes offer a unique way to workout while satisfying the need for Chivalry, Honor, and Courtly Graces so absent from our traditional world.

Adult Swordfighting

(classes for ages 14 and up)

Are you ready to try something TOTALLY DIFFERENT? Ever dreamed of fighting monsters, slaying dragons, rescuing princesses, or just knowing that when the aliens come and take away the guns, you can still SWORDFIGHT?!

Fight Like a Knight is a fusion of the same swordfighting techniques used by medieval knights, with modern kinesthetics and ergonomics, and a dash of chivalric philosophy, creating a movement/exercise/martial-arts class like you've never seen before!

In addition to the main course of authentic, unchoreographed, period combat, students learn everything from medieval and military history, to strategy and tactics, to social protocol and courtly grace. No prior training is required, and students range in skill from neophyte to advanced.

(1st class of the month)
This is the place to start if you have never tried FLaK. Here you will get an introduction to terminology, history, technique, and our unique philosophy. If you are an experienced FLaKer, you will inculcate and absorb fundamentals through a series of exercises and engagements focused on key techniques.

(2nd class of the month)
Students don full armor and engage in full-speed, unchoreographed combat where they try learned techniques and hone skills in real situations. Sparring is not mandatory, but HIGHLY recommended for all FLaK participants.

(3rd, 4th, and occasional 5th classes of the month)
Classes explore various weapon-forms and their respective techniques, with emphasis on creating and responding to tactical opportunities. Blow-by-blow elements are all exercised through pell-work, slow-work, and 1v1 combat.

(14 and under only admitted at the swordmaster's discretion)
• $20 / class
• $80 / month - payable at 1st class of month
(gains free class on 5-Sunday months)

Squires and Swordmaidens

(classes for children ages 8-13)

Squires and Swordmaidens is a unique children’s class where authentic medieval sword-fighting is blended with honor, sportsmanship, etiquette and chivalry. Dragons, giants, distressed maidens, and oppressed townships provide the adventure-based structure in which students learn to ply both weapons and wisdom to overcome obstacles, solve puzzles and save the day. Students will learn basic footwork, swordwork, and defense, in a safe and controlled environment, using specialized equipment designed for this purpose. Focus is placed on authenticity and technique rather than on force and violence.

Children are kinetic, and developing kinesthetic awareness is essential to poise, balance, and agility. Many are kinesthetic learners, which means they absorb information through and while performing activity. Squires and Swordmaidens provides an outlet for this energy, while exploiting the receptiveness to learning that it creates.

Advanced concepts such as honor, chivalry, perseverance and discipline are presented in age-appropriate and relatable ways during physical activity, capitalizing on a child’s ability to cognate, process and retain information through motion.

The middle-ages are fascinating to most, especially children with tales of knights, creatures, princesses and glory. Squires and Swordmaidens encourages the fantasy while illuminating the history, keeping excitement high and questions flowing.

• $200 / 8-week course
(inquire about open sessions)

Private Sessions

(skills-building, choreography, resume-building)

Looking to enhance your resume with a truly noteworthy and sought-after skill, get an edge on your competition, build confidence, and stand-out during physical auditions?

Want to create, build and/or hone fight choreography for film, television or theatre?

Or just want to get some personalized attention to work your weapon skills, defense, and footwork?

FLaK private sessions will give you the training you need.

(inquire about availability and fees)