October 23, 2014

Squires and Swordmaidens at Colfax!

I just got word that Squires and Swordmaidens will be offered at Colfax Charter Elementary School as an after-school program!

FLaK cannot possibly express enough gratitude to Maura Simon, a 4th grade teacher whose Friday Brain-Breaks take students out of the classroom to do something physical in an effort to break up students day, allow them to move their bodies, and work on skills that do not require a pencil and paper. Ms. Simon asked us to do a 5-week session during these Brain Break periods as something completely different for the kids. 36 students from her class have been learning about honor, chivalry, heraldry, medieval court, and SWORDFIGHTING, and the response has been so overwhelmingly positive that principal approved us for CASE (Colfax After School Enrichment).

We will be offering a 10-student class beginning in January, so keep your eyes out if you have little ones at Colfax!

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