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September 6, 2018

FLaK Precedence

The FLaK Precedence is similar to the Eastern martial arts’ belt system, existing to provide students with goals and a way to measure progress through the program. This document describes the various levels of achievement that can be attained through training with Fight Like a Knight, as well as their respective titles, which track an individuals standing within the clan.

The timelines of the levels are fluid, in that the estimated time spent at each level may change depending on the dedication to practice, focus on technique and, ultimately, the skill of the warrior. The Hersir (Knight) will offer the examination when he/she feels the student is ready to progress.

While it is the Hersir’s sole call on whether or not a fighter passes a test and advances to the next level. The tests are given in a group setting and require a consensus before the accolade is granted. This is a core element to the FLaK Precedence, allowing the community to weigh in on whether it accepts the candidate at the sought level or not, demonstrating to the candidate that his/her peers see him/her as ready to move forward as well as being a potential inspiration for those lower in stature. This mutual acceptance is paramount to our values, and each member knows that he/she has the full support of the FLaK community behind each of their accomplishments.

Successfully completing the exam to become a Thrall will garner a leather cord from which the student’s chain will grow. At the Folc level, the student will be taught the technique to craft the rings into our Chain of Station. From that point forward, with each new exam that is successfully completed, a new title will be bestowed, as will the rings necessary for the candidate to craft his/her next section of chain. The Chain of Station will be complete upon successfully obtaining the title of Thegn.

Passing a test should feel like an achievement, pushing oneself to master the level’s forms, technique, and weaponry. Not passing a test should never be construed as a failure, but rather an opportunity to discover areas that need refinement. If the candidate does not pass a test, he/she should accept feedback from the Knight and his/her peers with the same humility and respect with which it was delivered, rising to the challenge or growth, seeking to improve the identified areas, rather than seeing a fault or failure. For we are stronger together than any individual is alone.




(martial arts equivalent)




(white belt)



Sword and Shield

Leather Cord
(yellow belt)

  • Rattan or Polypropylene sword
  • Shield

clan member


Copper Chain
(green belt)

  • Kidney belt
  • Cuisses+Knees
  • Rattan greatsword


Single Sword

Bronze Chain
(purple belt)

  • Spaulders or Pauldrons
  • Vambraces+Elbows
  • Rattan polearm

young warrior

Advanced Weapon and Shield

Silver Chain
(blue belt)

  • Gauntlets
  • Body armor
  • Secondary weapon


Advanced Great Weapon

Gold Chain
(brown belt)

  • Gorget
  • Helm
  • Other single-handed weapon

mature warrior

Dual Weapon

Platinum Chain
(red belt)

  • Demi-gauntlets


Weapon and Shield Master

Full chain with medallion:


(black belt)
  • Design armor around time-period/culture/fighting-style


Great Weapon Master

Full chain with medallion:


(black belt)
  • Design armor around time-period/culture/fighting-style


Dual Weapon Master

Full chain with medallion:


(black belt)
  • Design armor around time-period/culture/fighting-style
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