February 23, 2018

The New Website is Here!

After a long wait, the new website has finally been launched. The old WordPress site just was not cutting it, and I had been planning to create a whole new site, but between programming at work, and teaching web development, I just never found the time or the desire to sit in front of my own computer to do the work. Plus, making a decent site with quality user-experience is no easy task.

Thankfully, a couple of former students offered to do the heavy lifting of the overall design and layout, and getting much of the structure in place. I am forever grateful to Davith Daravanh, Rylin Knox and Arnie Libunao, collectively known as The Artchitects, for their amazing work. What they did allowed me to go in a make some minor tweaks to an already excellent product, the result being what you see before you now.

Please stay tuned, as new content, including video, images and blog posts, will be added regularly. And if you have any suggestions or find bugs, please feel free to reach out on the Contact page to let us know!

- In Honor and Chivalry

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